Your Guide for a Clear Path Forward

executive coaching and leadership development for the most valuable asset, you!

I understand life requires all of you all the time.

You want a clear vision, a path forward.

You want to flourish in all areas of life.

You want to be present and enjoy life.

Hi, I'm Jenifer Hill.

As the eldest of five children from a single-parent household, a burned-out and under-equipped leader from the hierarchical field of behavioral healthcare, and an “over-doer” and under “being” senior consultant in a global consulting firm- I have personally experienced a debris-filled path at the self, home, team, and organizational levels.

By intentionally removing the roadblocks, I am now on a path to equip and empower myself and others to lead from the inside out. On my initial path to provide support and leadership to others, I followed the "steps.” I checked the boxes. I was operating at the top of my license. Day in and out, I was leading positive change in the lives of others.

This was not the path I wanted to take...

together we can clear the debris

We push aside life’s debris and lay the groundwork to create your new, clear path.
Let's build up your most valuable asset, you.


"I found Jenifer to be remarkably thoughtful, insightful, and specific in her approach. She helped me focus on my strengths despite my best efforts to talk about weaknesses, identify and refine goals into achievable yet meaningful components, and implement practical strategies explicitly tailored to what would work best for me and what I am trying to achieve. I made tremendous progress in a few short months in areas I have struggling with for years. Jenifer’s coaching allowed me to say yes to taking on a new job with a level of responsibility I would not previously have thought possible at this point in my career, and I am truly grateful!"

Dr. Kristie Ross • Chief, Pediatric Pulmonology

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