physician coaching

there is a healthcare fog that needs to be lifted

You feel restricted and controlled by the ‘business’ of healthcare,
and want to return to the ‘heart’ of medicine.

Pushback seems inevitable when advocating for the holistic needs of your team and patients ,
and want wellbeing for your team, patients, and yourself.

Road blocks prohibit you from connecting with others and expressing your ‘humanness’,
and yearn to reinsert humanity and connection into healthcare.

Being equipped to lead from the inside out hasn’t been encouraged or taught,
and know physician leadership is a voice that needs to be amplified.

Discontentment, feelings of burnout, and moral injury are a reality,
but are not sure what direction will lead you to the road of stability and integration.


Why choose Jenifer...

“I was skeptical at best when I first learned of the coaching opportunity. Like many physicians, my focus on clinical work left little time for self-development. I was initially impressed by Jenifer’s ability to listen and found myself looking forward to the sessions more and more. Jenifer has a unique ability to appreciate one’s strengths and weaknesses quickly and focus not only on what is said but also on what may lie underneath or not spoken. Combined with her extensive familiarity with complex medical systems, healthcare and her extensive experience in coaching physicians at all levels create an ideal opportunity for me for exploration and growth. She immediately brought to the forefront many obstacles I had not been able to appreciate and provided solutions for me to move forward. She challenged me to take my aspirations, ambitions, and career trajectory seriously and was the perfect guide I needed to gain a greater understanding of professional and personal goals. I left feeling transformed in important ways. My advice would be to make time for coaching as the results are well worth the time and effort.”

Dr. Richard Grossberg
Associate Prof., Case Western Reserve University
Chief, Pediatric Comprehensive Care, UH Cleveland Medical Center & UH Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital

Jenifer Hill equips and empowers physicians, so they can lead from the inside out.

remove the haze

Leadership Development
you’re the leader, sure, so what's that mean and how do you lead amid uncertainty?

Emotional Intelligence
take time to assess the research-based competencies that we know matter.

Burnout and Moral Injury
it’s time to stop dreading each day you pull into the parking lot.

it’s possible and it's inside of you. intentional change is the way to uncover the path forward.

Confidential Consult
is it coaching, or do you need something else? let’s consult in confidence and identify which road is the best route for your goals.

A few physicians who have successfully cleared their path

“I was a little skeptical at first that leadership coaching would have a positive impact on either my success or my organization's success. Ms. Hill has completely changed my mind. She is brilliant at her work. She individualized the objective data about my strengths and weaknesses in leadership. The personal touch made the difference for me. Not only that, she made it look easy to understand the strengths and challenges of each of the leaders in my group. I can speak both for me and - I believe - for my colleagues: she has made each of us, and our organization, more successful. I recommend Ms. Hill's coaching to leaders at every level. She has a unique combination of skill, intelligence, and training.”

Ben Gaston, MD. Pediatric Pulmonologist and Billie Lou Wood Professor of Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine

"Jenifer has an uncanny ability to rapidly assess her client, form a strong partnership, make high yield interventions, and hold them accountable by speaking the truth in a direct and precise manner. Jenifer brings an incredible skill set to the table and is an expert in finding a way to penetrate the thickest emotional shields, coax her client out of their comfort zone, and effect positive change.

She is extraordinarily gifted, efficient, bright, and experienced, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She guided me on a journey of self-discovery that went well beyond how to become a more effective professional and leader. My sessions with her have had an enormous impact on my personal and professional life, and the tools I learned from her will last a lifetime."

Alexandre T. Rotta, MD, FCCM • Chief, Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Duke University Medical Center

“Working with Jenifer Hill was a wonderful experience on both a personal and professional level. Learning more about myself and how I manage conflict and communication with Jenifer was instrumental in making me a more kind, thoughtful, motivational, and lastly more effective leader.“

Healthcare Executive

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