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for organizations: life requires more of your leaders than ever before...

As a talent management professional or organizational leader, you want to effectively empower and support those who look to you for development. At your core, you want to help. You desire to see leaders engaged, present, influential and leading with purpose and intention.

If you have relied on education for leadership development.
If you aren’t sure what needs to change to empower and engage.
If you keep hoping the next facilitator will be able to bring clarity, creating lasting change.

you try to adapt, but things move too quickly.

Yes, you want to see talent, teams, and the organization progress, but it feels like things are rapid, unpredictable, ambiguous, and tangled. You have tried it all – books, surveys, classes, webinars, expensive facilitators – but they barely make a dent. 

From your front-line managers to senior leaders, each of your team members has unique leadership requirements. jh coaching and consulting provides innovative and customized leadership development opportunities and facilitation, whether in person or virtually, to create lasting change.

Jenifer has provided leadership development programming and facilitation to a variety of organizations including…

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"I was immediately impressed with Jenifer's facilitation skills. Her unique blend of courage and courtesy built trust with our skeptical audience from the start. Jen's keen listening and sharp focus on what was most important to our group gave her just the right combination of structure and flexibility. Jen is perceptive, wise, and agile, and that is why she will always have my enthusiastic confidence and support."

Jonathan Magid • Principal

“The Timken Company’s Women’s International Network hosted a StrengthsFinder session for their associates facilitated by Jenifer Hill. Jenifer lead each session with excitement, knowledge, and ease, creating an inclusive, engaged environment. By the end of the first session, all attendees were requesting further courses lead by her, which she gladly obliged by offering two additional courses.

Jenifer commanded the room with her presence, her knowledge of the subject, prepared hand-outs, visual aids, and take-a-ways for the group which enhanced the overall experience.

Even to this day, associates ask when we will be offering another Jenifer Hill facilitated course. We are grateful for the experience we had with Jenifer and gladly recommend her for future sessions.”

Mary James • Prin. Demand Planning Analyst and Project Director

"Jenifer Hill is an impact edition as an addition to any leadership program. She possesses a unique combination of strong facilitation skills, emotional intelligence as group members engage with one another, and a level of process thinking that allows all participants to understand the 'why' of the work that they will take with them. Participants will be better because of their experience with Jenifer Hill!"

Mike Gallina • Vice President, Communications and Community Outreach

I’m ready to create lasting change