the intentional process

If you are like most of my clients, you want to flourish in all areas of your life.

You desire purpose in your career, leadership, relationships, and your daily life, and you’d like for intentionality to be your guide.

You strive to be present and connected.

You want control of your calendar and your thoughts.

You want to be self-aware.

You desire alignment within life.

Having all of this means you have a clear path forward.

you try to adapt, but things are complex

I understand life requires all of you all the time. You want to thrive in all areas and success means a sustainable, multi-dimensional purpose in life. You strive to remove life’s debris and realign. More than 2,500 individuals have trusted me as a partner in their journey.

Whether a C-Suite leader struggling to communicate an inspirational vision or an individual seeking clarity, I dig deep in partnering with my clients to stabilize their foundation and create a clear personal and professional vision that guides the leader at all times.

the intentional process

1. ensure we're a good fit with a short discovery call:

Successful coaching engagements begin with chemistry. If I'm the right coach to help you, great! If not, I'm happy to refer you to another coach at no cost.

2. together, we create a customized guide:

Curious inquiry, appropriate assessment tools, and a deeper understanding of the challenges you face lead us to a starting point and customized plan. This guide provides the blueprints for achieving your ideal outcomes and goals.

3. together, we build the foundation for a clear path forward:

With a plan in place, we intentionally push aside life’s debris and dig deep to lay the stable groundwork for your new way.

4. we deliver your most valuable asset, you.

You gain control of your life and intentionally live with purpose.


"Having a strong desire to develop personal and professional success, I have read numerous books, watched countless videos, and attended too many seminars. Trying to piece together multiple development methods and leadership ideologies into tangible results created far too many approaches and goals to manage. I was left with failed attempts and constant noise. With Jenifer’s expertise in executive coaching and goal attainment, we created a plan and mindset to limit the noise, focus on key objectives, and create attainable goals. Within 2 months, I achieved 2 professional goals and 1 personal goal I had been seeking for over a year. Jenifer’s expertise and approach to my success were the difference. Through her coaching, my visions of success are becoming my reality!”

Johnny Santora, Jr., Vice President, C.R. Kurtz, Inc.

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear a unique demeanor instead. It was for this particular attribute that I picked Jenifer to be my coach. I knew her no-nonsense attitude was exactly what I needed to hear to effect change in my life processes. What I didn't know was that the processes would work to make my life better too. Highly recommend."

Chris Cutter, Christopher Cutter. COO, Phoenix Enterprise Solutions

"jh coaching & consulting was my best investment professionally and personally. I had career goals and aspirations that came to life through our engagement. From the experience, I learned differently, challenged myself, and aligned my values with my goals. I wasn't sure I had the time at first, but really this was the best investment of time because it has provided great dividends for the future. I highly recommend jh coaching & consulting to any leader struggling to find time, balance, and impact."

Lannie Davis-Frecker, President/CEO of Julie Billiart Schools

life requires all of you, all the time.

But I believe you can be intentional in your approach,

have clarity and awareness,

and be both present and connected,

all while leading and enjoying life.

Jenifer Hill, MA, PCC, BCC

Jenifer has delivered customized leadership coaching, consulting, and facilitation to upwards of 2,500 individuals across a variety of industries and locations. A trained mental health therapist with extensive knowledge of human behavior, she yields a global perspective, up-to-date knowledge, fact-based resources, candid feedback, and deep understanding.

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